About the Grief Coalition

The West Suburban Grief Coalition is a joint effort of 15 area churches to provide grief support in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

Coping with the death of a loved one is one of life’s most challenging, stressful and difficult experiences.  Attempts to deny the confusion and pain of grief can cause despair and loneliness.  Know that you do not have to walk your path of grief alone.  Each person’s grief is as unique and personal as a fingerprint, and yet grief is universal.  We are all experiencing the same feelings of pain, sadness and confusion.  Gaining an understanding of the grief process and sharing with others in a caring and supportive atmosphere increases coping skills and leads to personal growth.

Healing through Grief is not about leaning how to stop missing you edit

Our participants learn about the grief process and share their experiences in a safe, caring and confidential setting that offers the hope of personal growth and healing.  We provide ongoing education and support groups for grieving adults in an effort to help those suffering from the loss of a loved one.  Each week there are learning, healing and growing experiences offered through speakers,videos and breakout sessions with others who have suffered a loss like theirs.

Understanding the grief process and the many emotions involved in working through one’s grief makes the journey less frightening.  We provide a safe, non-threatening environment where people may share and understand feelings of grief and gradually move forward with their lives.  The quality and quantity of understanding support you receive during your grief journey will have a great influence on your capacity to heal.  You cannot –nor should you try– to do this alone.  Drawing on the experiences and encouragement of others is not a weakness but a healthy human need.  Mourning is a process that takes place over time.  Our support is available months and even years after the death of someone in your life.

We are an all-volunteer organization where grief professionals, former grief group participants and others knowledgeable about the grief process provide education, encouragement and support to those experiencing the loss of a loved one.   

Our sessions are intended to complement, not replace, professional care. 

Supervision, training and support for the grief Coalition is provided by Levang and Associates,  Inc. (952-541-4799) a mental health clinic located in St. Louis Park, MN.

Meetings are held year-round every Thursday  except holidays.  They are open to all adults.  There is no cost to attend and a church or religious affiliation is not necessary.  You are welcome to attend and join the group at any time.

If you are grieving, we hope you will come.  If you know of others who are grieving, we hope you will tell them about us.